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In Other's Words

Ryan inspired many of his teachers and the adults he encountered in his short life. 

Ryan's friend, New Haven Register Sport's Columnist Dave Solomon, wrote this piece for his Sunday, February 4, 2006 column.  Read More

John Riley, Ryan's algebra teacher, hockey ccoach, mentor and good friend, emailed this to Phyllis upon learning of Ryan's death.  Read More

His middle school french teacher, Bonnie Laserna, wrote the following piece in memory of Ryan for the Independent Day School's magazine, shortly after Ryan passed away.  Read More 

Bruce Berlet, who writes a golf blog for the Hartford Courant's, wrote several pieces about Ryan in 2008, as the donation to the Ryan Gordon/Hartford Wolfpack Scholars Fund was formally being made at a special exhibition game at Trinity College in October, 2008.  Read More