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In Ryan's Words

Ryan often expressed himself through writing and stories.  Here are some examples:

An Essay for College

For as long as I live, I will never forget going out into the back yard and chipping golf balls; it was my grandfather, Norman, who had originally inspired my love of the game. I will also - Read More

An Exception to Every Rule

Everyone has a point in their life when they feel different from everyone else around them. Whether they have beliefs that are unique to them, have a different skin color or ethnicity than their peers, - Read More

Perhaps They Are Walls

Nineteen years later, I am convinced we will never get along.  Granted, I am talking about a building, and perhaps I am talking to myself.  Sometimes, though, our most influential - Read More

Ryan's Graduation Speech

I think it is fitting that on our final night as Kingswood-Oxford students, we will all be here until about nine o’clock. It seems as if for many of us, K-O is a bed and a closet away from being an official - Read More

Blog - The Polity

After more than 30 years, the identity of Deep Throat was finally revealed this past Tuesday, May 30. As it turns out, W. Mark Felt was the man responsible for taking down the horribly - Read More

Audio File of Ryan Singing at 3 yrs. old - Listen